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Physical Therapists

The main goal of physical therapy is to restore your function and mobility, and eliminate or minimize your pain so you can get back to your active lifestyle. People everywhere are experiencing the transformative effect physical therapy can have on their daily lives. In fact, as experts in the way the body moves, physical therapists help people of all ages and abilities reduce pain, improve or restore mobility, and stay active and fit throughout life.

The physical therapists and hand therapists at GWOG are committed to providing only the highest quality of care to our patients. Our dedicated therapists utilize only state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative techniques to decrease pain and to reach the goals that are necessary to return the patient to a comfortable level of activity at home, work, and in recreational pursuits.

Most people now lead longer, more active lives, a fact which can lead to more incidents of injury and disease. Our mission is not only to rehabilitate the patient, but also to teach the patient how to prevent future or recurrent injuries. Prevention and early intervention are essential to maintaining and/or regaining a high level of strength and independence in all daily activities. Our therapists average over 10 years of orthopaedic experience, and, in addition to holding advanced degrees from top universities, continue to pursue education and training in the areas of sports injuries and rehabilitation, hand therapy, special concerns of women, exercise and strengthening techniques, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

Our therapy departments offer extended hours to accommodate working schedules. Therapy is most effective when given with regularity, therefore, as a patient you will be able to have continuous and consistent treatments. GWOG patients usually find that their therapy treatments are a pleasant and soothing experience that they can look forward to and enjoy.

Lori Mendoza, PT, DScPT - Director of Physical Therapy

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Lori graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in physical therapy. In addition, she was awarded an advanced clinical doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2003. Lori has over 25 years of experience in evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and sports related injuries. She has extensive coursework and interest in the post-operative rehabilitation of the extremities and spine including fractures, rotator cuff pathology, ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy surgeries, and total joint replacements. Doctor Mendoza has served as a clinical instructor and is a certified weight trainer by the IWA.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation services are available at the following offices:


1400 Forest Glen Road, Suite 400

Silver Spring, MD 20910


9420 Key West Avenue, Suite 400

Rockville, MD 20850

NOTE: Hand Therapy is available in our Silver Spring location

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