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Pain Medicine

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If you’re one of the 100 million Americans currently struggling with chronic pain, you may feel frustrated at the debilitating impact it has on your life. Pain medications may not be as effective as you’d like, especially if you want a long-term solution. The pain management team at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group, PA, in SILVER SPRING, Rockville, and GERMANTOWN, Maryland, has pain management solutions that help you truly heal instead of simply masking the pain for the short term. For more information, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

Pain Medicine Q & A

How does pain medicine work?

Pain medications essentially block pain messages to your brain. Generally, pain medications work for only a few hours at a time, so once the current dose wears off you're left with the pain messages coming through loud and clear again.

Over time, you may gradually have to increase your dose because your body grows accustomed to the medication. This can be a frustrating problem for many men and women who simply want to feel better without needing to take an ever-increasing amount of pills every day. Even worse, many pain medications may be habit-forming, and nobody wants to develop an addiction just to get pain relief.

If you're looking for a long-term answer to pain, the team at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group offers interventional pain management answers that can help.

How does pain management work?

Pain management treatment plans at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group focus on relieving your pain, restoring your range of motion, and improving your mobility. Pain management techniques are specially designed to control your pain while helping you heal, correcting the problem at its roots.

Your treatment plan may include physical therapy that helps you grow stronger and improves your ability to move without pain. Additionally, the team uses a variety of noninvasive pain relief solutions such as ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation.

Some patients with severe pain benefit from corticosteroid injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, or stem cell therapy. If you need specialized care, your doctor work may work with neurosurgeons, chiropractors, and other health care professionals who can help with virtually any type of pain.

There are many advanced pain relief solutions available that can help you feel better without medicine, and the Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group designs the perfect pain management plan for you.

How long does an interventional pain management program last?

Your pain management program at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group is personalized for your unique needs. Many patients participate in a physical therapy program that helps them feel better within a few months, but depending on your pain-causing condition and situation you may need pain management for six months or longer.

Once you’ve achieved optimal pain relief, it’s important to stick with a healthy lifestyle, including the strengthening exercises you learn during physical therapy, to maintain your health and wellness.

If you’re ready for lasting pain relief, call the Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group or schedule an appointment online today.