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Physical Medicine

Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group PA

Orthopaedics located in SILVER SPRING, MD, GERMANTOWN, MD, & Rockville, MD

Physical medicine focuses on relieving pain, restoring movement, and enhancing overall health. The team at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group, PA, has extensive training and experience in all aspects of physical medicine and orthopaedics. By combining their expertise, the orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists deliver optimal care using the most minimally invasive means possible at their offices in SILVER SPRING, Rockville, and GERMANTOWN, Maryland. Call the nearest office or use online booking to schedule your appointment today.

Physical Medicine Q & A

What is physical medicine?

Physical medicine focuses on relieving pain without medication or surgery whenever possible. The orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group work with you to achieve the best health possible, even if you’re dealing with chronic conditions like arthritis.

Physical medicine care seeks to help you enjoy a better quality of life, no matter what type of pain you're dealing with.

What are some of the treatments used in physical medicine?

The doctors and physical therapists at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group treat many different types of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, including:

  • Motor vehicle injuries
  • On-the-job injuries
  • Trip-and-fall or other accident injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Recreation injuries
  • Nerve compression
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Fractures

If a chronic condition or injury is keeping you from enjoying good quality of life, there’s a good chance that physical medicine can help.

How does physical medicine treatment work?

Physical medicine is completely customized for your needs. Your doctor formulates a physical medicine treatment plan after a complete medical history and physical exam. The more detailed you are in explaining your symptoms, the more easily your doctor can determine an accurate diagnosis.

Be sure to explain all possible factors that contribute to your pain, even if they don't seem significant. Many pain-causing conditions occur due to a blend of factors, and knowing all the contributing factors makes it easier for your doctor to customize the ideal pain medicine plan for you.

Your treatment might include personalized physical therapy, and you may also need a brace or other supportive device as you heal. If your pain doesn’t fade through physical therapy and noninvasive treatments like ultrasound and electrical stimulation, you might need other treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stem cell therapies to encourage faster healing.

Although physical medicine focuses on avoiding surgery, there may be situations where it’s simply not possible to do so. If that’s the case, your orthopaedic surgeon can repair your damaged tissue and then customize a physical medicine recovery plan that helps you heal safely and quickly.

For the best in physical medicine care, call Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group or schedule an appointment online today.