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For both men and women, hormone depletion can cause serious and frustrating problems like hair loss, low libido, and mood swings. At Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group, PA, with offices in SILVER SPRING, Rockville, and GERMANTOWN, Maryland, the dedicated and understanding medical care team uses BioTEĀ® bioidentical hormone replacements that are custom-made for your needs. For natural, reliable, and highly effective hormone replacement therapy, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

BioTE Q & A

What is BioTE?

BioTE is a treatment that utilizes bioidentical hormone pellets custom-made based on your unique body chemistry. The BioTE hormones are all derived from plants, and they're virtually identical to the natural molecular structure of your body's own hormones. Unlike hormones from animal sources, BioTE pellets are easily accepted by your body, which means they work in the same exact way as your natural hormones.

Who needs BioTE hormone replacement?

Women and men alike may need hormone replacement. Women most commonly need BioTE hormone replacement when they start menopause. Hormone replacement with estradiol (the main form of estrogen) can alleviate unpleasant symptoms of estrogen depletion such as:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Poor libido
  • Mood swings

Men suffer from hormone depletion too, especially in middle age and later in life. With BioTE testosterone hormone replacement, men can enjoy relief from symptoms such as:

  • Poor libido
  • Lack of sexual stamina
  • Hair loss
  • Depression

Since each individual's body chemistry is completely unique, your doctor at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group prescribes hormone replacement therapy based on your specific blood tests. Your treatment is formulated just for you.

How is BioTE administered?

Your doctor inserts the hormone pellets below your skin, usually in the buttocks area. This procedure takes only a few minutes, and the pellets can start optimizing your hormone balance in as little as a week to 10 days, which means very fast symptom relief for most patients.

How often do I need BioTE replacements?

It depends on a number of different factors, including your weight, sex, and your body's unique absorption rate. Your level of hormone deficiency when you started treatment can also play a role. In general, most patients need pellet insertion only two to four times a year to keep hormones balanced at the optimal level.

Depending on how your body responds to BioTE treatment, your doctor at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group can customize your treatment as needed until you feel back to your old self again.

There's no reason to allow the misery of hormone depletion to drag you down. The team at Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group is here to help, so schedule a consultation online or by phone today.